PreK Funny Story #3

On Friday afternoons, the class recites the nursery rhyme they've been working on all week.  It's their time to shine because they get to recite by themselves, in front of the whole class while using the teacher's microphone! While listening to them recite Little Bo Peep, I could hardly contain myself.  By the end of … Continue reading PreK Funny Story #3

PreK Funny Story #1

With school starting this week, I've been hard-pressed to finish the blog I've been working on the past couple of days, so I'll share a funny short, but sweet PreK story with you😊 Today in PE, Coach had our littles run three full laps in the gym🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️. At the end of the third lap, they … Continue reading PreK Funny Story #1

Was That Jesus on the Phone?

I am a Pre-K teacher's assistant, and I love Pre-K's!  They are amazing little creatures.  With school just around the corner, it has me thinking about my new Pre-K class!  If they're anything like last year's class, I might need a few more weeks to "gear up"!  Last year on the first day of school, … Continue reading Was That Jesus on the Phone?