PreK Election Humor🇺🇸😂

This morning during our Calendar Time, Mrs. T pointed out that Tuesday is an important day in America: ELECTION DAY! She asked the class, “Do you know who is running for president?” ”My mom?” ”No, not your mom!” ”My dad?” ”No, not your dad! I'll give you a hint. Donald......” ”Duck?!”😂 After we picked ourselves … Continue reading PreK Election Humor🇺🇸😂

PreK Funny Story #5 Is Caring Really Sharing?🤔

Today was snow cone day! Everyone who met their Accelerated Reading (AR) goal, earned a snow cone 🍧 and in our case, that meant the whole class. After rest time, the class was scurrying around to get ready to go to the snow cone stand close by our school. While we were waiting for everyone … Continue reading PreK Funny Story #5 Is Caring Really Sharing?🤔