Humility Is A Choice

We pray and ask God for a humble heart. We pray and ask God for humility, and we still struggle to be humble. Why?

Humility is a choice.

God tells us to humble ourselves under His mighty right hand.

When you have been wronged by someone, you can choose to humble yourself before God who says, “Forgive,” or humble yourself before the enemy who says, “Get mad, stay mad, get even.”

Humbling ourselves is more than swallowing our pride, it is submitting to God.

Something you may have never thought of is when we choose to believe anything contrary to the truth in God’s Word, we have submitted ourselves to the lies of the enemy rather than to God.

For instance, God says you are forgiven. The enemy reminds you of your sin and you begin to doubt God. You have a choice. Humble yourself to the voice of God, or the voice of the enemy who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy your relationship with God.

Humility is our response to who God is and what He has said to us in His Word.

Claim and foster your humble heart by choosing to listen and obey the Word of God and the voice of God.

Great is God’s Faithfulness 💚 Deb

10 thoughts on “Humility Is A Choice

  1. This is so powerful and needed, Deb. I love what you said here: Humbling ourselves is more than swallowing our pride, it is submitting to God. Submission is exactly what humility is. Thank you for this word in my life today!

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  2. Any time someone has a problem with humility, I recommend taking a boat ride in a skiff out to where you cannot see the shore. You will pray, “O, Lord, the sea is so great and my boat is so small.” 🤠

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  3. There is so much good information here, Deborah. Humility is indeed a choice, a decision about our perspective. Submitting to God—moment by moment—is a great way to be humble and stay that way. Thank you. Enjoy your summer break!

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