4 + 4 = 8 (Always!)

This school year I’ve had the privilege of teaching children with special needs, specifically children who are delayed leaners.

Everyday is a challenge for them. What they know one day they might not know the next, so I teach the same things over and over and pray one day it sticks! Repetition is the name of our game!

A simple exercise of remembering what number comes “before” the number 5 and the number “after” the number 5, without using a number line, can rock their world!

Last week two of my boys were confident the number 3 came before the number 5. They were absolutely convinced that my answer, number 4, was WRONG! Not only did they say I was wrong, but they told me it was not possible for number 4 to come before number 5!🤣

Although I loved their run of confidence, I did my best to demonstrate that the number 4, not 3, will ALWAYS come before the number 5. That’s a math fact that will never change!

Another fact that will never change is that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). God is love. He will never be hate (I John 4:16). God is Light. He will never be darkness (I John 1:5). He will never, ever change!

As sure as 4 plus 4 will always be 8, the God who gave man the knowledge to add and subtract will always be who He says He is.

Great is God’s Faithfulness! ❤️Deb

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