Where is God?

In earlier days, He permitted all the nations to go their own way, but He never left Himself without a witness. There were always His reminders, such as sending you rain and good crops and giving you food and joyful hearts.

The Bible Acts 14:16-17

Today, if you’re asking yourself, “God, where are you?” take a look around. Soak in the sunshine. Breathe in the rain. Satisfy your appetite with food and acknowledge His presence! He’s by your side. You are never alone!

Great is God’s faithfulness🧡 Deb

20 thoughts on “Where is God?

  1. I love this ❤️. I recently have been learning the lyrics to “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”, and this reminds me of the line where it says “God is not dead nor doth He sleep”.

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