Funny PreK Story

Funny PreK Story

Baby, it’s cold outside!

No school today due to ice and lots of it! As I sit here, I can hear tree limbs snapping due to the weight of the ice! Hopefully, it will let up soon!

After a L.O.N.G extended Spring Break, I don’t get nearly as excited about being out of school due to snow and ice. Being in the classroom is a blessing and I hope to never take it for granted ever again!

I have a pretty funny class this year, so I thought I’d share a Funny PreK Story with you! Here goes!

As they say “boys will be boys,” and this year’s class is no exception. Every year there is at least one little boy who goes to the restroom on the playground and this year is no exception!

I don’t know who was more startled, Jayson or me when I walked up behind him and caught him peeing on the tree!😳

When he saw me, he stopped in mid stream! He knew he was in trouble!😬

A few days later, when we were lining up on the playground, Jayson raised his hand to inform me, “Ms. Deb, I didn’t pee on the tree today.”

I assured him, “That’s good to know, buddy, because most boys only do that once!”😂

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    1. I have a sweet class this year! It’s an easy class, too! With all the new changes that we’ve implemented in the classroom, I’m thankful for a class that keeps me laughing and smiling!

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