Absolute Truth

Jesus told him, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

We are in our fifth week of school! Yeah! Although we have dealt with a few COVID cases and a couple of class quarantines, we have managed to remain open and in the classroom!

Every morning we temp our students and throughout the day repeat, “Mask Up!” Each class is considered a “bubble” and we do not intermingle with other “bubbles” during the day. We isolate as much as possible so if a case of COVID does arise, it is contained by classroom. And we “Wash, wash, sanitize, sanitize”, or as we say in PreK “Hanatize!”

“The Virus” has changed how we do school, but at my school, we are committed to doing everything we possibly can to remain open and in the classroom and so far it’s working!

COVID-19 is always somewhere in my mind and I find that I’m processing my thoughts daily based upon the ever-changing, disagreeing information I read and hear. When doctors, scientists, professionals, and researchers can’t agree on how to handle this virus, it’s hard to know what is truth.

I’ve discovered picking, and choosing from what I’ve read or heard to fit into my belief system doesn’t result in truth. It merely becomes “my truth,” which is a problem for me because I believe in absolute truth, and if you don’t, “Are you absolutely sure about that?”

While my thoughts may change daily about COVID-19, I have resolved to walk in faith and not in fear as I search the scriptures where I know I will always find absolute Truth!

God uses crisis to turn people to Jesus, so why not use the COVID crises to start a conversation by asking, “What do you think about COVID-19?” and listen to their response. If it’s fear, share how Jesus is helping you to overcome your fear during this time. If it’s confusion, tell them how God enables you to sort out your thoughts by reading His Word. If it’s anger, hostility, cynicism, hate, blaming God, whatever their response might be, be understanding, but don’t jump on their bandwagon, point them to Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and Life!

Great is God’s Faithfulness! ✝️ Deb

11 thoughts on “Absolute Truth

  1. You’re so right, Deborah. It’s been so hard to know what truth is regarding this virus. It’s frustrating and confusing. Good thing we have Christ’s truth to cling to!


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