Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will be also. Matthew 6:21

What do you think about most?

  • What people think about you
  • What you don’t have
  • Fears
  • Mistakes
  • Old wounds
  • Impressing others
  • Important dreams you aren’t pursuing
  • Things you have zero control over
  • Your next meal
  • Getting even
  • Money
  • Fame or attention
  • Jesus

Jesus said, where your treasure is, that’s where you will find your heart and thoughts.

Jesus urged us to think beyond our last breath to eternity because the moment we take our last breath, earthly treasure won’t matter anymore.

Turn your eyes towards Jesus. Think thoughts, make choices that benefit God’s kingdom. Start by doing something kind for someone today. The simple act of offering a cup of cool water to a fellow believer is worthy of eternal reward. (Matthew 10:42).

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