PreK Funny Story #3. Class Clown 🤡

On Friday afternoons, the class recites the nursery rhyme they’ve been working on all week.  It’s their time to shine because they get to recite by themselves, in front of the whole class while using the teacher’s microphone!

While listening to them recite Little Bo Peep, I could hardly contain myself.  By the end of the recitation, I didn’t know whether Little Boy Peep or Little Blue Peep had lost their sheep or their horn!

This past week one of our boys spent the week in Disneyland.  Since he wasn’t there to take his turn, Mrs. T said, “Well,  I guess Ky thinks Disneyland is more fun than PreK.”  A few minutes after making that comment, one of our the little boys looked at me and said, “Mrs. Deb, Disneyland really is a lot more fun than PreK.”  I asked, “Really?  How do you know that?”  He said, “I’ve seen the commercial.”  I patted his arm and said, “You’re a funny little boy,” to which he replied, wiggling his eyebrows up and down, “Maybe I should be the class clown!”

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