Amazing Grace

I admit to being directionally challenged. It’s in my genes. Both parents couldn’t find their way out of a paper sack, and neither can I! I joke when I say, “If there were more than one way out of my driveway, I would get lost,” but the truth is, I would! With Google Maps, I have managed to get lost less, but just when I start feeling pretty good about my accomplishment, I go and do something like I did yesterday; get lost in the forest!

My friend Brenda and I hiked to Judd Falls yesterday while her husband and son took their ATVs to Taylor Reservoir to ride the trails. It was a beautiful hike up the mountain to the falls. Well worth the trip! Before starting back, we ate our lunch, took pictures of ourselves, and pictures for others.


Judd Falls Colorado

On the hike down, we passed three girls going the opposite direction.  I recognized them from the falls. I said, “You girls going back up?” They said, “No, we are headed back down.” “What? Back down? How can that be? We’re headed down, too? I guess there must be two parking lots.” “No, there’s only one.” Honestly, I didn’t believe them at first. In my mind’s eye, we were going back the same way we came up. One of the girls said, “I have been on this trail before, and I am 100% sure where the parking lot is, and you are going the wrong direction.” By now Brenda was a believer, but I was still holding out until two guys concurred that we were indeed going in the wrong direction and we definitely would not find a parking lot at the end of the trail! The girls, Rhonda, Donna and Laura escorted us down the mountain.  The more we walked, the more my eyes were opened to the fact that we had taken a wrong turn, but where?

As we walked and talked down the mountain, we learned that Rhonda and Donna are sisters.  They grew up in the area and are experienced hikers. Donna is a school teacher, which explains the “teacher look” I received when she told me she was 100% sure we were on the wrong path, and Rhonda is retired.  Even though my eyes could see that Donna was right, my mind was not 100% convinced.  It wasn’t until we made it back to the place where we took a wrong turn that my mind and eyes came together in full belief.  I was shocked to see that place was at the beginning!  Rather than taking a sharp turn to the left when leaving the falls, we went straight.  We didn’t see the sign!

The lostness I experienced yesterday was different.  Usually, when I’m lost, I know it, but not this time.  When I think about how lost we were, I can’t help but think about all God did for us yesterday to make sure we were found.  It is no coincidence that earlier in the day, Brenda had taken a picture of the girls at the falls. God was helping us before we knew we needed help!  Had Brenda not taken a picture of Rhonda, Donna, and Laura, we would have not recognized them, let alone ask them a question when we passed them on the trail.

When I think about being lost yesterday, I think about people who are lost spiritually. Just like me, they believe they are headed in the right direction, but until someone stops to tell them about Jesus Christ, and points them to the cross, they will continue in the wrong direction into eternity.  As a Christian, I do not want to see that happen to anyone.

After I experienced the relief of not being lost anymore, I wanted to tell everyone I passed on the way down to be sure to look for the sign so they wouldn’t make the same mistake we did and end up lost, too!  That’s exactly how God wants us to respond to being found!  He wants us to share His amazing Grace with everyone!

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