Was That Jesus on the Phone? Hello, Hello!!!😁

I am a Pre-K teacher's assistant, and I love Pre-K's!  They are amazing little creatures.  With school just around the corner, it has me thinking about my new Pre-K class!  If they're anything like last year's class, I might need a few more weeks to "gear up"!  Last year on the first day of school, … Continue reading Was That Jesus on the Phone? Hello, Hello!!!😁

Stand Up for Jesus

It's been over 2,000 years, and people are still attacking Jesus Christ. They speak/write hateful, slanderous, and derogatory words about Jesus as if He did something personally against them. Those who speak/write against Jesus do so as if they're mad at Him. I wonder what He did to them to make them so angry. I … Continue reading Stand Up for Jesus

Hell on Earth

What does the phrase "hell on earth" mean to you? I wasn't sure myself, so I looked up the definition, and it goes something like this: "Emphasizing that a place or a situation is extremely unpleasant or causes great suffering." I've never experienced unpleasantness or suffering to the extent that I would say it was … Continue reading Hell on Earth